In the medium term, our company has a participatory and participatory management that is preferred in the national and international market with its quality of goods and services, encourages teamwork; take its place among the leading companies

To add value to the flexible packaging sector together with its stakeholders and to be a solution partner that respects and trusts people and the environment.

Birinci Kalite Ambalaj organization, which applies the same quality and service understanding with the companies it works with, regardless of scale, has built on these principles.
We have seen what our value-oriented and customer-oriented structure brings to us in the long run, and we are deeply committed to this understanding.

Birinci Kalite Ambalaj's goals for the coming period:
1. To continue increasing customer satisfaction
2. Create new and more stable market structure. Increasing exports
3. Towards higher value added products
4. Birinci Kalite Ambalaj to become an international brand.

Creativity: Our most basic feature for success Our system, which allows us to discuss every opinion that exists in our company, enables us to adapt to changing conditions and makes our success continuous.

Consistency: The consistency between the promises and the works made, that is, being behind the promises, distinguishes our company from the others.

Quality: This is a measure that shows our ability to reflect the expectations of our customers to our products and services.

Teamwork: We believe that success can only be achieved through teamwork. Each member of the team supports the other.

Cost Targeting: Among all this quality targeting, our company also makes intensive efforts to prevent any unnecessary expenses and aims to provide you with the cheapest quality.

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